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Welcome to STI200. Here you will find a collection of genealogical resources that have been carefully put together over months of research. Within the genealogy section, you will find links to resources, company links, and, of course, my own family page. In an effort to make this a little different from most genealogy sites, I am also setting up a massive pictoral database with images of each of my family members, copies of marriage transcripts, and much more. A listing of Surnames can be found below, or by clicking here. This site will constantly be changing, so please check back often.

I have just begun copying tombstone pictures from various cemeteries in Lafayette County. Check them out at the Tombstone page. Currently I only have my own family tombstone pictures there, but I would be more than happy to post some others. The Bible transactions are taking a little longer than I thought, especially with the handwriting. Cursive in a 110 year old bible is hard to read, even with a magnifying glass. I have also changed the basic look and feel of the site. I will be changing the other pages over soon, so bear with me, and thanks for coming back!

Finally I have made some additions. I have re-vamped the images to a more friendly and utalitarian look using a nice tool called the Web Gallery Wizard Pro. An excellent program, and I highly recommend it. I have introduced additional information in the bible records, obituaries, and USS Hornet Pages. Currently the USS Hornet pages only contain images, as the history, purpose, and duty history are more adequately defined elsewhere. Thanks to the US Navy Archives for some identification on some items I am still cleaning up for scanning. Most of the images still remained without proper naming convention, but I am working on that. At the same time I am trying to complete an even larger project at This site is being built in conjunction with my father, who is a Master Gardener, and will contain quite a bit of data once the planning and development stages are complete. A slightly smaller project is almost completed to honor my two best friends in the world, my West Highland Terriers GT and Kenzo. Look for a website and link soon!

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Current Projects

These are some of the projects that I'm currently working on:

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Future Research

The following are contingent upon my completing my current projects::

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Picture Gallery

Follow these links to see some of the pictures I've been able to gather during my genealogical researches (click on thumbnails to see full images):

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GEDCOM Files (HTML format)

After some painstaking hours trying to figure out my own notes, my gedcom is almost complete. I am still working on indexing reference sources and such, but am diligently working on it. .

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Genealogy Links

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Personal Links

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